Date:  08/17/2005 04:52:13 AM Msg ID:  002679
From:  James Williams Thread:  002679
Subject:  Channels not restarting
We are seeing this problem in version 3.0 & 3.1 where channels become locked and will not restart unless the server is restarted.
We are running 6 channels as services on windows 2003 sbs server with version 3.1.
Channels 1 & 2 lockout and do not show under showchannels and show in the registry as "_killed". These channels will not come back untill you restart the server.
We have tried to get these channels restarted by :-
1. Stoping foxweb and restarting.
2. Stoping foxweb and unchecking "run as service", this will start the remaining 4 channels, but under show channels will show channels 3,5,6 channel 4 is missing but seems to be running. (?)
Channels 1 & 2 remain locked out.
Only 4 vfp7.exe files show up in Processes under task manager.
The only thing that will sort out all the problems is a server restart.