Date:  08/17/2005 09:54:17 AM Msg ID:  002682
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  002679
Subject:  Re: Channels not restarting
We have found certain situations under which the channel status window does not display all running channels, which explains the situation under #2 below.  However, this does not explain the original problem you describe.  Please try the following:
Also, while the problem is in effect, please export the FoxWeb registry key and send it to us at  you will need to rename the file to .txt (ar any other extention), so that it does not get blocked by our mail server.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by James Williams on 08/17/2005 04:52:13 AM:
We are seeing this problem in version 3.0 & 3.1 where channels become locked and will not restart unless the server is restarted.
We are running 6 channels as services on windows 2003 sbs server with version 3.1.
Channels 1 & 2 lockout and do not show under showchannels and show in the registry as "_killed". These channels will not come back untill you restart the server.
We have tried to get these channels restarted by :-
1. Stoping foxweb and restarting.
2. Stoping foxweb and unchecking "run as service", this will start the remaining 4 channels, but under show channels will show channels 3,5,6 channel 4 is missing but seems to be running. (?)
Channels 1 & 2 remain locked out.
Only 4 vfp7.exe files show up in Processes under task manager.
The only thing that will sort out all the problems is a server restart.