Date:  12/20/2005 01:52:22 PM Msg ID:  002783
From:  Fredy Kuhn Thread:  002783
Subject:  FW2.6 setup issue on XP
Hi support,

I have FW2.6 up+running on IIS5/XP, I mapped .fwx correctly, run FW as
service, but something's odd accessing the program root (outside of web

Opening http://localhost/contactmine2/contact.fwx,
(the folder is in the "program root"), the following msg appears. The same behaviour for any of my product programs:
There was an error during the interpretation of your request.
Err: 0
Msg: The directory specified in the URL does not exist,
     or is inaccessible.
Prg: ---
Maybe it's a permissions problem, but I don't know where.

- localhost/show_cgi.fwx shows fine.
- The prg root is on a local drive, everyone full access.
- It contains a fw_enter.prg (but the same happens if I remove it)
- the FW temp dir is in a subfolder of the program root
- None of the programs are neither accessed nor recompiled by Foxweb
- HKLM\SOFTWARE\Aegis Group\ has full access for web users

Any idea?
Thanks for a reply

P.S. This request was first posted in "Language" section. Sorry.