Date:  01/30/2006 08:20:11 PM Msg ID:  002836
From:  Larry Zhang Thread:  002833
Subject:  Re: How to pass variable to a new form.
What is a service user? How do I point to a shared folder for internet users? My web server ip is static. so I should say \\\data1  ?
Any worry about intrusion into my data folder?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/30/2006 06:20:10 PM:
Both code snippets should be working in both plain VFP and FoxWeb.  Are you running FoxWeb as a service?  If yes, make sure that the service user has rights on the \\myServer\Data1 share.

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Sent by Larry Zhang on 01/30/2006 11:46:40 AM:
In VFP, we can use this:


Select * from cDataPath + "myTable.dbf";

    into Cursor Temp

But cDataPath is not recognized even within the same FW script.
How should I resolve this? cDataPath is a dynamically changing value. I cannot use:

Select * from \\myServer\Data1\myTable.dbf ;

    into Cursor Temp

Thank you.