Date:  06/22/2006 02:48:40 PM Msg ID:  002993
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  002990
Subject:  Re: Can I install foxweb on 64 bit serve
For the record, I installed fw3 on 2003 64 and followed standard configuration guidelines. When I enter the test url //servername/showgi.fwx I get this error message:

 %1 is not a valid Win32 application.


doesn't look good... perhaps someone else has attempted this and made it work I dont know... looks like I will go back to 32 bit Server for now as I certainly don't have the patience or resources to tackle what would likely be neglible performance gains in any event.

As always, thank you for the fast response.


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 06/22/2006 01:31:40 PM:
It's possible, but we have never done any testing, nor is this configuration officially supported.  There's no 64-bit version of VFP, so we don't expect to release a 64-bit version of FoxWeb.

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Sent by Steve Moore on 06/22/2006 01:24:26 PM:
 Can I install foxweb on 64 bit server 2003 platform? (I know its not a 64 bit app).