Date:  06/22/2006 11:46:18 PM Msg ID:  002995
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  002994
Subject:  Re: cannot connect to broker
I got 3x to work... I have put in an authorization request to update to the 3x license... many thanks for all your support... u guys have been solid for nearly 9 years!

Thanks again.

Sent by Steve Moore on 06/22/2006 10:36:46 PM:

FoxWeb Message

The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:

Could Not Connect to FoxWeb Broker.
Broker has probably not been started.


I gave up on the 64 bit and I'm trying to simply move my existing NT/foxweb 1.29 app (yes I know its old! lol) to Server 2003 (32). I wanted to make this work before tackling 3x since I was familiar with configuration. But after configuration I am getting the above message.

For starters, I am simply trying to execute //serverame/chanstat.fwx. The fwx file is located in the foxweb home directory. All static content in the same directory can be accessed no problem. The web server serves up home page without problem. I have added the fwx extension to the allowed list in IIS and added the foxweb.dll, foxpro.dll, etc files to the required files list. (BTW, exactly what files are required?)

I have placed the foxweb and foxpro dll's all in the foxweb home directory. The only thing not located in the foxweb home directory is vfp.exe which is located where the configuration page points.
The directories all have read, script and execute permissions. Foxweb is indeed started and channels show 'READY'. However nothing is reaching the channels.

Any ideas where to look? Should I just jump to 3x (I have no problem with that, foxweb has served me very well for many years!)?