Date:  01/31/2007 01:41:30 PM Msg ID:  003284
From:  Thread:  003284
Subject:  No program root has been configured
About a month ago, we started receiving the error message "No program root has been configured for domain..." multiple times throughout the day.  We have the Foxweb control center setup with internal IP addresses (ie. and have our firewall translate external IP addresses to internal addresses.  The address shown on the error message is an outside IP to our default website. 
We have not made any changes to our Foxweb configuration in over a year.  We have not heard from any users having trouble accessing any sites that run under the default program root.  Also, all our Foxweb apps write to a log file when pages are requested, and I cannot find a pattern with certain sites being in use when this happens (there are times when no other Foxweb sites are accessed within 10 minutes before or after of this error message). 
Please let me know if there is anything we can do to troubleshoot this problem.