Date:  09/19/2007 10:28:00 AM Msg ID:  003507
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003505
Subject:  Re: virtual servers
FoxWeb has always included the TLD in the host name comparison string.  Each distinct host name requires a FoxWeb host license.  As our site explains, the only part of the host name that is excluded from the comparison string is the initial "www".  I understand your situation, but at this point there's no provision for counting host names that have different TLDs but are otherwise identical as a single entity.
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Sent by Joël Croquet on 09/19/2007 09:17:51 AM:


I would like to comment the following terms found on your website

Virtual hosts are distinct sites with different host names, running on the same physical server. For example,, and are considered to be distinct virtual hosts and need to be licensed. The only exception is a host name with and without the "www" part (for example and, which count as a single virtual host. Each virtual host can be associated with a host name and/or an IP address, either of which can be used in the URL.

I would like to use both the country code TLD (i.e and a generic TLD ( for the same site.
The reason is that the ccTLD is more confident for local customers, but my international customers will prefer the .com extension.

Your definition of a virtual site : "distinct sites with different host names" is not applicable to my situation as the host names are differents but the site is the same.

If I can remember correctly, you did accept the ccTLD and gTLD as a virtual host in the past.
Can you please give me your point of view ?
Thanks in advance