Date:  11/02/2007 09:50:27 AM Msg ID:  003566
From:  mictech Thread:  003566
Subject:  first time user
Hi. How are you, every body, I just buy few day foxweb licensing
Now I start up and step by step to setup and try to run, but I have
many question for my start up, I use vfp 5.0 to write program at desktop
run on windows no program.

1. When i install foxweb v 3.51, my licensing not work why ?
2. I thank this licensing only foxweb v 4.0, but v 4.0 not support vfp 5.0
   what to do, meby must upgrade vfp to high 6.0 or high ?
3. I install web server on my system, no virtual servers can work ?
4. on vfp have command window, how to compile to foxweb program run on
   internet explorer, please tell me step by step,

thank you very much