Date:  11/12/2007 01:15:44 PM Msg ID:  003577
From:  George Gambill Thread:  003577
Subject:  Return a value from a table selection.
We are building a table of companies and want to build second table (same web page) based on a selection from the first table.


We are hoping to be able to use something like javascript (onchange) to do this but are open to most any suggestions.  Our code goes something like:

<!-- **** Company List ****-->

<TD style="WIDTH: 276px" vAlign=top><SELECT id=ddlCompanies

style="WIDTH: 156px"


onchange="javascript:setTimeout(' <% do DisplOfficeList %>', 0)"




<% Do DisplCompanyList %>


<!-- DisplCompanyList returns something like this which works well-->


<OPTION value=1 selected>Yellow Book

Company</OPTION> <OPTION value=2>Verizon Yellow Pages</OPTION>

<OPTION value=3>SBC Yellow Pages</OPTION> <OPTION value=4>Los

Angeles Times</OPTION> <OPTION value=5>ypOne</OPTION> <OPTION

value=6>Call Yellow</OPTION> <OPTION value=7>Denver DEX</OPTION>

<OPTION value=8>None</OPTION> <OPTION value=9>AT&amp;T</OPTION>

<OPTION value=10>Transwestern</OPTION> <OPTION value=11>Ross

Directories</OPTION> <OPTION value=12>Drain Patrol</OPTION>

<OPTION value=13>Tehachappi</OPTION> <OPTION value=14>Fine

Directories</OPTION> <OPTION value=15>Penny Saver</OPTION></SELECT>





The question is how to determine which comapny (i.e. value = 1 or 2 or ....15) was selected???


Any help / examples will be greatly appreciated!!!