Date:  06/18/2008 02:46:10 AM Msg ID:  003754
From:  babasaheb kadam Thread:  003754
Subject:  How to start foxweb
Can i use foxweb demo ver. for some days. Also let me know
the prodecure for how to use foxweb for my application.

I have downloaded namesurch html code. but the above
code is not working

Search Criteria:

This example illustrates how simple it is to write FoxWeb applications. The code searches a FoxPro table for matches on the name entered by the user. Partial matches also yield results. For Example "mo" will find both "Monroe" and "Morrison." The search is not case sensitive. To see all the names in the database just leave the Name entry blank.


Search Results:

Your Search Yielded No Results

after enter on submit the error message has come "Page can not be displayed"

let me know where I can find the namesurch.fwx