Date:  02/23/2009 01:53:39 PM Msg ID:  003930
From:  Jerry Mattox Thread:  003930
Subject:  ADP Taxware - API. Not Foxweb\'s Fault.

Hey guys,
This is not a foxweb issue, but if you have knowledge of this please help...

I am trying to intregrate by foxweb website's shopping cart to ADP's taxware. They us an API function me to pass info in & they return a string back.

In foxpro is this how you would actually make contact with the DLL in the API. I am reading my manual, and using visual basic code examples from APD to accomplish this. 

All I ask of you, is to look at my foxpro code, and tell me if this make sinse. The DECLAIRE line of code works fine. The varables are set to null or zero, just because you do not need all that.

However, the call to the function causes FOXPRO to CRASH. Not my test app, but foxpro. FATAL ERROR: EXCEPTION CODE = C0000005.

It crashes foxpro no matter what I send over in the function...

According to ADP if i connect to their DLL I should have access to the function that calulates sales tax stuff.

Thanks in advance. Code is below

Jerry Mattox

* Sample Code.
* First I connect to the dll and establish that I want to use a function call CapiTaxRoutine and what will be passed in.

declare STRING CapiTaxRoutine IN "C:\Program Files\Taxware\utl\taxcommono.dll" STRING InputData, STRING OutputData, INTEGER InputLength