Date:  05/07/2009 07:43:22 PM Msg ID:  003967
From:  Carlos Cedillo Thread:  003965
Subject:  Re: error message: alias is not found...
Yes, you are rigth. Using response.end I found the problem. One of the IT Staff change the ODBC in the production server and did not let me know.

Thank you
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 05/07/2009 05:49:34 PM:
It does not seem like reinstalling FoxWeb will help in this situation. Are you sure that conex_vtas > 0? If not, then your code will try to display the "No se puede conectar a MSIP CRI" message, but the next line (SELECT csMsipcri) will cause an error, preventing your message from being displayed. Try inserting a Response.End after the Response.Write command.
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Sent by Carlos Cedillo on 05/07/2009 05:17:14 PM:
I made a webpage whoare function properly in the production server. But in my computer with the development license the same page is presenting the error of alias not found.
The page  use an odbc connection to retrieve information and present the error:

There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Error #:      13
Message:   Alias 'CSMSIPCRI' is not found.
Program:   g:\foxweb\fw\chum\repsonline\resultadocilat.fxp
Line #:   55
Line:   SELECT csMsipcri
But only in my computer, in the production server works very good. The code with problem is:
**Genera la conexión***************
STORE SQLCONNECT('MICROSIP_CRI', 'SYSDBA', 'masterkey') TO conex_vtas
If conex_vtas <= 0 %>
   <p><%response.write("No se puede conectar a MSIP CRI")%></p>
**almacena la consulta en una variable 
SELECT cliente_id,nombre,estatus,fecha_hora_creacion
FROM clientes cicri
WHERE cicri.fecha_hora_creacion BETWEEN <<fechaini>> AND <<fechafin>> AND estatus='A'
**Ejecuta la consulta en la fuente de datos y almacena en cursor 
=SQLEXEC (conex_vtas,lcSQL,'csMsipcri') 
SELECT csMsipcri
In the line 55 I'm selecting the cursor csMsipcri and present the error of alias not found.
Is possible that something corrupt the installation of fowxeb? I'm using 3.5
In production server I dont have the problem. If I create a new program using cursors appear the same error all the time in my computer.
Please help me to find out what could happen? Do I have to reinstall Foxweb in my laptop?
Thank you in advance.