Date:  05/21/2009 01:28:03 PM Msg ID:  003974
From:  Jeff Grippe Thread:  003974
Subject:  Changing Servers - Several Questions
Hi, Thanks for the help.

I need to change servers. I will be moving from one Window 2003 Standard server to a different one running the same OS (although with more memory and better network resources).

Both servers have public IP address and I own enough licenses to host both the old and new server.

Question 1.

Is it as simple as copying all of the scripts and simply changing the links to point to a different server?

Question 2.

Is there any reason that I can't keep both servers running until I'm sure the new one is working properly?

Question 3.

I'm currently in VFP 7 SP 1 for development. I own VFP 9 and intend to migrate eventually. Would I be better off installing 7 or 9 on the new server? I do very little VFP work on the server itself so it doesn't seem like it should matter if I install VFP 9 on the web server even though I'm still developing and installing my desktop applications in VFP 7.

Thank you for all your help.

Jeff Grippe
Hilldun Corporation
Contented FoxWeb Developer