Date:  10/19/2009 12:29:12 PM Msg ID:  004043
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004041
Subject:  Re: ReadFile() in a PRG class error...

i shall do that.

I had used the downloadfile example that ships with FoxWeb :)

so, i thought it was someithing for the FoxWeb class!

i will do so and report any problem, if any

thanks again!
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/19/2009 11:19:21 AM:
The ReadFile function has been deprecated for years (since VFP added the FileToStr function). Just replace all calls to ReadFile with calls to FileToStr.
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Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 10/19/2009 09:16:26 AM:
Hi foxWeb.

I have my own custom PRG class that works with my Desktop app and with FoxWeb that i am developing for a client.

Everything is working perfectly.

the only thing that bugs me, is i am using the ReadFile() to download attachement, and it's in my PRG class, which is part of my Desktop app too, and when i compile my project (for the Desktop side), it throws an error, that it can't find ReadFile()...

is there an include, or a class i can refer it to so it won't throw that error during the build of my exe?

the desktop app is working fine tho!