Date:  01/16/2010 09:41:47 AM Msg ID:  004107
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004107
Subject:  I need example please!
I have created an Image in vfp backend to create captcha image in my class (prg).

i have the image, but, i do not wish to save it..

i want to stream it within my fwx codes.

can you give me an example of how to do that please?

this is sample of my code...
  <input type="text" name="bla">
    lcImg  = oPortal.Captcha()
    lcText = substr(lcImg,1,8)
  <img border="1" src="/<%=lcImg%>">

that puts the image on my inetpub/wwwroot

however, i do not wish to keep saving these tons of captcha images, rather, i want to stream it within the fwx code to the brower...