Date:  08/16/2010 02:20:19 PM Msg ID:  004192
From:  Fredy Kuhn Thread:  004192
Subject:  Adobe Distiller and Foxweb as service
Hi all,
This is not a question to Foxweb support, but rather a brief report of my problems + solution when using Foxweb 4.3 as service, and let it call Adobe Distiller 9 to create a PDF. Maybe it helps somebody out there. Copy of code documentation below.
Greetings from Switzerland

* Trying to use Distiller to generate a PDF from a report (Foxweb example)

* -------------------------------------------------------
* Problem with Distiller, when called by Foxweb that runs as a service (system account).
* (I use Win-2003 and Adobe CS4, which includes Acrobat 9):
* Adobe's stupid default setting 'Rely on system fonts only' blocks everything:
* On 'printing' the report, Adobe or VFP pop up a modal dialog window!
* Which is of course invisible, but prevents my procedure to proceed.
* I was able to see it by allowing the Foxweb service to 'interact with the desktop'.
* Action:

* Change printing preferences for SYSTEM account (Win7 works differently!)
* From a CMD window, schedule a job: AT <time> cmd
* In the window that pops up at <time> (which runs as SYSTEM user):
* - rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /p /n"Adobe PDF"
* - disable the setting mentioned above.