Date:  06/21/2011 05:11:29 PM Msg ID:  004295
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004294
Subject:  Re: Google Chrome browser
Cross-browser issues are always caused by errors (or unsupported content) in the HTML code, or HTTP headers produced by the FoxWeb scripts. In your particular case, the second body tag is incorrectly commented out (there's no end delimiter to the comment). You should replace it with:
 <!--body bgcolor="#C0C0C0" onLoad="document.credentials.secPassword.value=''; document.credentials.secUserID.focus();"-->
Note the two dashes added at the end.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Carlos Fuertes on 06/21/2011 03:20:47 PM:
Lately I cannot run my Foxweb based application in a Google Chrome browser. However, the same application runs perfectly in MS Explorer. Can you give me any clue about it? 
You can try it here:
If you use MS Explorer you can see the interface. If you use Google Chrome, you see nothing
Any help will be apreciated