Date:  11/01/2011 08:57:37 AM Msg ID:  004359
From:  Pete Cuiry Thread:  004357
Subject:  Re: Win Server 2008/IIS7
I seem to be getting closer.
When I try to access the fwAdmin script without foxweb running. I get the expected, broker not started message.
After starting foxweb, I get the  "This page must be viewed over a secure channel" message if I do not use https://.
So far so good. Then, when I use the https://, the server times out.
It looks like I'm missing the final piece.
Any suggestions?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/27/2011 06:01:33 PM:
You seem to have the right roles installed. Have you rebooted after adding the IIS 6-related roles? I guess it's also possible that the cause of the problem is completely unrelated.
If you can't easily determine why you are getting this error, the easiest remedy would be to configure script mapping for the .fwx extension manually. You can do so in the Management Console. I suggest using the IIS 6 version, because this will allow you to follow the instructions on our site: 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Pete Cuiry on 10/27/2011 02:36:22 PM:
When running the setup program, I am prompted to enable IIS6 mode.
These roles are installed:
ISAPI Extensions
ISAPI Filters
IIS 6 Management Compatibility
IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
IIS 6 Scripting Tols
IIS 6 Management Console
The setup will not automatically configure the server.
I am running the setup program as an administrator.
Any suggestions?