Date:  11/15/2011 04:59:47 PM Msg ID:  004372
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004371
Subject:  Re: problems with channels under 2008
FoxWeb 3 is not supported on Windows Server 2008, but this many not be the cause of the problem. Are you running FoxWeb as a desktop app (I assume you do, because FoxWeb 3 will not enable the Run as Service option)?
You may want to install an evaluation version of FoxWeb 4 to see if it makes a difference. Please try running it as both a service and a desktop application to see if it makes a difference. 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Steve Moore on 11/15/2011 03:38:03 PM:
 I am working w a new install 3.51 under server 2008. Been running this configuration for years. For some reason on this install the channels won't start right. When I start foxweb the channels start and stop continuoisly. No errors in the log. fwstart just shows the channels restarting continuously. If I wait long enough, eventually some or all the channels will stabilize, but traffic throughput on the channels crawls to a halt. Where else do I look for diagnostic info?