Date:  04/04/2012 09:42:26 AM Msg ID:  004428
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004427
Subject:  Re: FoxWeb and PHP session variables
I used cookies before

IF REQUEST.Querystring("logout") = "1"
Response.SetCookie("PortalPHP", TRANS(Portal.iid), DATETIME() + (60 * 60), "/")
and the PHP reads my cookies, and does things and i read the cookie back with the value of my Portal.IID etc..

Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 04/03/2012 08:45:49 PM:
 Hi all.
I have a FoxWeb application where I set a session variable such as Session.SetVar('gVID',M.vID) in an fwx page. This page then redirects to a php page using Response.Redirect("myapp.php?tType="+M.tType+"&myalias="+M.alias+"&First="+M.First+"&Last="+M.Last). This page then sets up an environment ending with an iframe to a 3rd party. The iframe is loaded, the user interacts with the page then chooses to close the application page. Upon closing there is a redirect to thanks.fwx page thanking the user using Response.Redirect("http://www.thanks.fwx")
Sooo, my question is how do I pass a session variable from an fwx to a php and then back to another fwx?
Any help is appreciated.