Date:  04/04/2012 11:18:39 AM Msg ID:  004430
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004427
Subject:  Re: FoxWeb and PHP session variables
Do you need the session variable data in your PHP application, or do you simply want it to still be there when you link back to your FoxWeb application? Session variables are saved on the FoxWeb server (rather than on the browser), so they cannot be "passed" to another server, unless you pass the data with a different mechanism, such as the query string or form fields. If the other server is on the same host name or IP address, then you could also use cookies, but it really depends on what you are trying to do.
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Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 04/03/2012 08:45:49 PM:
 Hi all.
I have a FoxWeb application where I set a session variable such as Session.SetVar('gVID',M.vID) in an fwx page. This page then redirects to a php page using Response.Redirect("myapp.php?tType="+M.tType+"&myalias="+M.alias+"&First="+M.First+"&Last="+M.Last). This page then sets up an environment ending with an iframe to a 3rd party. The iframe is loaded, the user interacts with the page then chooses to close the application page. Upon closing there is a redirect to thanks.fwx page thanking the user using Response.Redirect("http://www.thanks.fwx")
Sooo, my question is how do I pass a session variable from an fwx to a php and then back to another fwx?
Any help is appreciated.