Date:  10/11/2012 06:42:27 PM Msg ID:  004534
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004532
Subject:  Re: copying data to windows clipboard
I'm sure that your _cliptext assignment is working properly, but keep in mind that different users have a separate clipboard in Windows. This means that if you are running FoxWeb as a service, only your FoxWeb channels will be able to access data previously placed in the clipboard by other channels.
What exactly are you trying to achieve? The clipboard is never a good solution for a Web based application. 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Steve Moore on 10/11/2012 09:17:25 AM:
 Is there a way to copy data to the windows clipboard directly in foxweb? In foxpro the _cliptext variable is used, i.e.,
_cliptext = 'some text'
This doesn't seem to work in foxweb. Is there a simple work around?
Thanks in advance for any help.