Date:  04/25/2013 09:09:43 PM Msg ID:  004596
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  004592
Subject:  Re: killed channels with no errorlog
I was looking at both. The problem turned out to be caused by a defrag program. Thank you.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 04/24/2013 07:52:11 PM:
Which error log are you looking at? Channel restarts are logged in fwstart.log (a text file), rather than the FoxWeb Error Log (a DBF file), which is only used for errors logged by the VFP environment, such as fwx/prg script errors.  
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Sent by Steve Moore on 04/24/2013 05:47:31 PM:
I am having an issue with channels being killed with no entries in the errorlog. How can I track down the request that is causing a channel to stop without the aid of the error log assuming that I cannot even know the name of the script that caused the error let alone any offending error codes, etc.?Any suggestions? are the any other internals that might give me a clue?