Date:  02/04/2014 01:24:12 AM Msg ID:  004661
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  004660
Subject:  Re: returning a 503 status code
This seems to return the 503:
html_out = 'Status: 503'+ chr(10);
    + 'Retry-After: 3600'+ chr(10);
not sure how to validate the retry and do I need to follow the header with a body?
I want the above returned to spiders... I am assuming the spider would not need anything else?
To end users I want to just send them a 'maintenance page'.  These pages can be returned as normal pages with a maintenance message.
Sent by Steve Moore on 02/04/2014 01:02:28 AM:
What is the best way for a foxweb script to return a 503 status code to indicate temporary intentional maintenance with a retry time?