Date:  04/02/2014 04:29:12 PM Msg ID:  004680
From:  Michael Martin Thread:  004676
Subject:  Re: Windows 2008 32bit and IIS .prg setup
We have it running on apache without the extension. I had to update everything to add the extension which is extensive, so main@ar/menu needs to have main@ar/menu.fwx to work. I wanted to get it working like apache without the .fwx but I have changed most of it already. 
 eliminating the foxweb.exe was easy. 
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/31/2014 01:42:43 PM:
Has this been resolved? Please give an example URL (you can obfuscate the server name if you want).
If the URL you are trying to use references foxweb.exe or foxweb.dll, then you will need to set up a CGI virtual directory. 
At the same time, if you followed our recommended practices in how you reference other scripts on the server, then you can simply use the .fwx extension -- even in cases where you are linking to a prg file.  Here's an example:
The link below points to text.fwx (or test.prg) in the "SomeFolder" sub-folder of your FoxWeb program root.
<a href="/SomeFolder/test.fwx">Link</a>
The link below points to text.fwx (or test.prg) in the same folder as the script that served it.
<a href="test.fwx">Link</a>
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Sent by Michael Martin on 03/20/2014 02:37:30 PM:
 I am upgrading from 64 bit XP and Apache, which works, to 2008 32 bit server and IIS.

The .fwx files run fine if I use the extension, but without the extension or if there is no .fwx file I get a 404 error.

The .prg files are set to open in Foxpro. I also need to know how to get them to work.