Date:  11/19/2014 05:48:32 AM Msg ID:  004740
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004738
Subject:  Re: Browser back page button crashing FoxWeb
Were you able to replicate this yourself?
I have not seen this.
Are you using IIS? or another web server.  What type of caching is enabled?
Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 11/18/2014 11:21:17 AM:
 Starting back about a couple of months ago my users have been crashing FoxWeb receiving the black broker message. The cause of this seems to be when users on a page press the browser's back page button on any browser and on either a PC or Apple. No error was logged in the Control Center.
I use Session.GetVar on every page to keep track of who has logged in and what they are able to see on a page. I have used this technique for many years without problem and just toss in this feature as a thought to explore. I really don't think this causes the issue.
Has anyone else encountered the issue of the browser back page button and if so was there a fix?