Date:  05/29/2015 03:19:41 PM Msg ID:  004805
From:  Art Bergquist Thread:  004805
Subject:  Web page to edit an HTML file
 Hi all,
I've been maintaining a FoxWeb web site for a while now.  I am confident in the fixing/enhancing of existing web pages within the site and have also implemented some new web pages.
A particular new web page has, for some reason, proven a bit more challenging for me.  We are currently maintaining an HTML file that is read by an .FWx file; the .FWx file incorporates the contents of the HTML file (primarily, text and links) and combines it with other HTML which it then renders.  That all works fine.
We now want to enable the client to edit the HTML file himself (that way, he doesn't have to communicate the changes to me and wait until I get a chance to do that myself).
Specifically, I want to implement a web page that does the following:
  1. reads the contents of the HTML file and displays them in an edit box
  2. allows the user to modify that HTML within the edit box
  3. when the user clicks [Save], overwrites the HTML file on the web server with the new HTML
Can I do the above via one (1) .FWx or does it require two (2) .FWx files?
Art Bergquist