Date:  05/03/2019 10:01:36 PM Msg ID:  004980
From:  Art Bergquist Thread:  004980
Subject:  Access to non-anonymous parts of website
This afternoon, we discovered that someone had Google-d (it may have been a Googlebot) and ended up being able to access a .PDF file that is supposed to be accessible only after you log in to the non-anonymous part of our website.
Is there a way to prevent access to .PDFs in the non-anonymous (i.e., userid/password -protected) part of the website?
I have read through the Session Management FoxWeb web page and have protected all .FWx files in the non-anonymous part of the website from being directly accessed.
I'm trying to figure out, though, how to prevent direct access to .PDFs in the non-anonymous part of the website.
Art Bergquist