Date:  08/27/2005 06:57:45 PM Msg ID:  002687
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  002685
Subject:  Re: Unusual but important question
I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between options 2 and 3, but in any case, they are both preferable to option 1 (as long as all users share identical FWX files).  If you need to have some custom code for individual customers, you can split the common and custom fwx files into separate directories.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmiith on 08/27/2005 06:48:17 PM:
My FoxWeb application that I host and sell subscription access is taking off and I'm left with a path/folder set up question. My configuration:
Win2003 Advanced Server, IIS 6, FoxPro 8
FoxWeb 3.1, All updates and patches
Current Web path
c:\inetpub\folder1\cust1\application, folders, and database
For a long time I had only one user and the above was their path to the application and databases. I just picked up two more customers and have run into a labor and server efficiency quandary as to how to properly set up their paths. The problem assumes that I eventually pick up 10-15 more clients.
Option 1:
c:\inetpub\folder1\cust1\application, folders, and database
c:\inetpub\folder1\cust2\application, folders, and database
c:\inetpub\folder1\cust3\application, folders, and database
In this option I have recreated the same patch structure (c:\inetpub\folder1\) for each customer and add an individual customer folder (cust1,cust2..). This means that for each customer I have to manage a lot of code files (inefficient). I have no idea of the effect on IIS to serve all the same files from different folders.
Option 2:
c:\inetpub\folder1 (application files and folders)\cust1\data only
c:\inetpub\folder1 (application files and folders)\cust2\data only
c:\inetpub\folder1 (application files and folders)\cust3\data only
Option 3:
c:\inetpub\website\folder1 (application files and folders)\cust1\data only
c:\inetpub\website\folder1 (application files and folders)\cust2\data only
c:\inetpub\website\folder1 (application files and folders)\cust3\data only
The only difference between options 2 and 3 is the company's website where customers log into their personal data through folder 1. The application files (FWX) are only located in folder1. When a user logs on a memory variable is set to point them to their individual data folders.
All things equal, can someone tell me which is the most server and IIs efficient way to set up this application for multiple customers?