Date:  09/08/2005 10:48:16 AM Msg ID:  002701
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  002699
Subject:  Re: html reset
Changing the face should work fine, as long as the specified font exists on the computer where the web browser is running.  For example, try the following:
html_out = html_out + '<font face="verdana" size="3">'
The content type HTTP header tells the browser that the content it is about to receive will be of type HTML.  This header is required for FoxWeb 1.X (or even for later versions if you are using html_out to send data to the browser).

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Sent by html_flunkie on 09/08/2005 10:22:15 AM:
I have a
  html_out = html_out +results.customer_name
 and  right before the "scan" I have html_out = html_out + '<font face="Arial" size="3">' to modify the outputted records. If I change the size, it has an effect but changing the font face to anything else has no effect. Why?
Also can someone tell me what this line of code does?
html_out = "content-type: text/html" + CHR(10) + CHR(10)