Date:  12/06/2005 12:00:19 PM Msg ID:  002768
From:  Jack Evans Thread:  002766
Subject:  Re: IIS6 2003 extensions and paths
Thats what I was afraid of... Thanks
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/06/2005 10:52:19 AM:
In my opinion, then best way to proceed would be to modify your scripts, so that they use compliant URLs:  The simplest way is to search and replace all instances of "/mls/mls/" with "/scripts/foxweb.dll/":
A better (but somewhat harder) technique would be to remove "/mls/mls/" and add ".fwx" after the script name:

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Sent by Jack Evans on 12/06/2005 08:42:23 AM:
First, the funny part... We have been running foxweb (currently 1.29c) on a production server for about 10 years now. That server is running Netscape Enterprise, Windows NT 4.0 and VFP 6. Now, if your finished rolling on the floor...
We are ready to migrate this whole scenario to 2003, IIS6, VFP 8 and FW 3.1. Here is the problem:
In the old scenario, this URL works perfectly:
Where the first /mls is the alias for c:\cgi and the second /mls is a renamed copy of foxweb.exe and of course the rest is the procedure in the fxp file, which is located in \Program Files\foxweb\programs
How do we get the same urls to work with 3.1 in IIS6? The biggest hurdle so far is to get the foxweb.exe to work as simply mls.