Date:  12/17/2005 10:57:30 AM Msg ID:  002780
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  002779
Subject:  Re: SHOW_CGI
You can still call show_cgi with "DO show_cgi IN fwAdmin", but the content will not end up in html_data.  It will either be sent directly to the browser if buffering is off, or it will end up in the output buffer.  The following code is a hack that may help you while you are transitioning to something better:

* Enable buffering
Response.Buffer = .T.
DO show_cgi IN fwAdmin
* Retrieve the request data from the output buffer
html_out = 'content-type: text/html' + CRLF + CRLF + ;
* Empty the output buffer

The output of show_cgi will end up in the html_out, just like in version 1.X.  If you save the above code in a wrapper program named show_cgi.prg in your Program Root folder, your programs should be able to function just like before.
Please note that this is a hack that may or may not function in future versions.  A more robust technique would be for you to write you own function that returns all necessary information in a variable.  This can be easily done via the Request.FormArray(), Request.QueryStringArray(), Request.CookieArray() and Request.ServerVariablesArray() methods.

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Sent by Jack Evans on 12/17/2005 08:42:00 AM:
After upgrading from 1.29c to 3.1 we have this problem. We have alot of code that utilized SHOW_CGI as a method to dump variables etc. It would DO SHOW_CGI then email the contents of HTML_OUT. Now SHOW_CGI is not found. I tried Server.Execute as well. These are all in .prgs of course. I do not want to modify all of our legacy prgs to make them script files.
Any ideas?