Date:  12/21/2005 09:16:54 AM Msg ID:  002787
From:  Larry Zhang Thread:  002787
Subject:  How to trace your code?
I read through your documentation Debugging FoxWeb Scripts for tracing through my script.
I put "Set step on" at the beginning of foxpro codes.
I deleted the *.fxp file.
In the Control Center, I did these:
Use Run-Time DLL:   Disabled
Hide Windows:   Disabled
Re-Start Channels:   Disabled
Run as Service:   Disabled
Keep PRG Files:   Enabled
But when I tried to run the page, I got "Foxweb time out " error.
I opened up VFP9, even typed "set step on" in the command window, trying to trace, still does not go through.