Date:  02/23/2006 08:39:30 PM Msg ID:  002848
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  002845
Subject:  Re: Corrupted file when downloading
Your script sends <html> tags before and after the file data, so it will invariable corrupt the file.  Try removing these tags from your script.  Also, please specify which version of FoxWeb you are running.

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Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 02/21/2006 07:25:47 AM:
I am using the example provided download.fwx, and i made minor modifications.  I am having 2 problems:
1- Files being downloaded are corrupted.  For example, if i have a small zip file 300K which opens prior to downloading, after it is downloaded via the method/code below, i cannot open the file again.  I tried it with XLS file, BMP file, JPG file, etc..
2- Files that are over 15MB will not download.  I have a file that is 20MB on a LAN (Basically my app is running on the lan), using the method below, the browser IE6 prompts for Save/Open.  When i click save, it acts as if its about to download, and after like 3 minutes or saw, i get a messagebox from IE "Server was reset or something like...etc.."
Do i have to put the files in a the root/accessible and just pass a link to the user?
I really want to use a script to do that.  What are my options.
thanks in advance.

   cfile = request.item('cFile')
IF not empty(cfile)
 * A file was selected in the form
 Response.Buffer = .T.
 FileName = alltrim(cfile)
 FileExtension = UPPER(JustExt(FileName))
 * Verify that the file exists and is one of the authorized types
 IF FILE(FileName)
  * The content type must be changed in order to prevent browsers from displaying certain file types
  ContentType = "application/unknown"
  * Specify file name
  Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + cFile)
  * Read contents of file into string
  FileContent = ReadFile(FileName)
  * Specify size so that progress bar works properly
  Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", Server.ToString(LEN(FileContent)))
  Response.ContentType = ContentType
  Response.Buffer = .T.
  * Send file to browser
  response.write("Selected file does not exist, please contact IT Support")