Date:  05/29/2006 10:46:59 AM Msg ID:  002955
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  002954
Subject:  Re: setup and Foxweb test
Hi Elia,
As you probably already know, your problem is not related to FoxWeb at all, but rather to your firewall.  In order for clients to be able to call FoxWeb scripts they must first be able to reach your Web server (IIS).  To do so, you need to configure your firewall to allow incoming traffic on port 80, or disable it, which I wouldn't do, unless you have a hardware firewall further down the line.  The Windows help system contains information on how to configure the Windows firewall to allow traffic on specific ports.

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Sent by Elia Melloni on 05/29/2006 12:35:01 AM:
Hi, i am a new foxweb user (ver. 3 .3 evaluation)
i have a problem with the windows firewall: 2 pcs win xp sp2 in workgroup.
If i have the firewall activate on the server (amd-athlon), and i try to call http://amd-athlon/hello.fwx from the client i have this error message  'Server not found' .
if i have NOT the firewall all is Ok, the server execute the request.
The problem is how to setting windows firewall
Even i don't run foxweb the problem is the same with IIS 5.1
i can deactivate the firewall for the LAN and it runs but it is not the right solution.
how can i say to the server to satisfy the request from the clients?
where is my error?