Date:  07/20/2006 12:50:55 PM Msg ID:  003066
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003058
Subject:  Re: Authentication Window
Usually this problem is caused by the fact that the iusr_<computer_name> user, (where computer_name is the name of your server), does not have sufficient rights to the CGI sub-folder of the FoxWeb installation folder (by default c:\Program Files\FoxWeb\CGI).  You will need to give this user Read & Execute rights in the above folder after opening its properties window from Windows Explorer.

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Sent by Bob Louder on 07/19/2006 04:10:19 AM:
New to foxweb.  Trying to setup on a windows 2003 standard server. Using Plesk 7.6 for windows for a control panel.  Also running PHP, Mysql, ASP, ASPNET, etc. Using frontpage extensions to publish websites to the server.
Everytime I try and hit the Contact.fwx file in the demo script, I get the Authentication Window popup.
I setup foxweb originally using defaults to /Program Files/Foxweb. Subsequently I have simplified the foxweb configuration with only one domain, an ip address "", and using the default program root which I changed to c:\inetpub\vhosts\\cgi-bin\ and Anon Access is enabled, read is unchecked and scripts and executables are enabled, and Integrated windows authentication is checked. Still I keep getting the authentication window. The scripts are in the same directory as PHP code which works fine. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.