Date:  09/26/2006 05:16:13 AM Msg ID:  003151
From:  James Williams Thread:  003150
Subject:  Re: Issues with 3.5
Had to reinstall version 3.3 with patch all running fine. What is the deal with this new version!!!.
Sent by James Williams on 09/26/2006 04:28:03 AM:
All of my fwx scripts have "Content-Type: text/html Cache-Control: private Set-Cookie: FW_SessionID=943732EDS01; path=/ Expires: Monday, 01-Jan-1990 00:00:00 GMT " at the top of them.
And i get this when i try to get to fwadmin.fwx
Content-Type: text/html Cache-Control: private Set-Cookie: FW_SessionID=848073VM001; path=/ This application requires a browser which supports frames
What has changed.