Date:  10/05/2006 08:41:43 AM Msg ID:  003160
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003159
Subject:  Re: show_channels2.fwx
The script show_channels2 does not provide an accurate picture of which channels are available to process requests.  It was included in FoxWeb for troubleshooting purposes and its output can help our programmers determine why channels are not restarted properly.  In fact it's quite possible for a channel to appear OK in show_channels2, even though it is not properly registered with the FoxWeb Channel Broker, which is responsible for distributing requests to the various channels.
In 99% of all cases you should be using show_channels.  If we ask you for the output of show_channels2, you can obtain it by creating a script with the following code:
DO show_channels2 in fwadmin.fwx

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by James Williams on 10/03/2006 04:39:22 AM:
Has SHOW_CHANNELS2.FWX been removed from foxweb 3.51. As this is now showing "Script "SHOW_CHANNELS2.FWX" is invalid, or non-existent".