Date:  11/02/2006 11:45:05 AM Msg ID:  003198
From:  Gary Thread:  003194
Subject:  Re: Indexing Remote Views
I should have mentioned before that I restarted Foxweb and still had a problem.
I followed your suggestion and the script ran fine.
I restarted FoxWeb as a service again, and it ran fine.
I do not know how to tell if this problem happens again since there were no errors.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/02/2006 09:31:56 AM:
FoxWeb scripts are hosted by native VFP, so there should be no difference between accessing your view from a FoxWeb script, or from an interactive VFP session.  The only difference I can think of is user rights (if you are running as a service, then you should make sure that the service user has access to your database), but this is unlikely as a cause, because your script can access at least a few records.
I suggest that you configure FoxWeb to run in as a regular application (instead of a service) and disable the Hide Windows option.  After restarting FoxWeb, maximize the channel 1 window and try calling your script again.  You may be able to determine the problem via visual indicators (popup windows and dialog boxes).  If you don't see anything, but you are still getting the same behavior, then you may want to trace through your script, using the techniques described in the Debugging FoxWeb Scripts section of the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Gary on 11/02/2006 08:23:30 AM:
Foxweb 2.11/VFP6.0
I am using a Database with remote views to access data on a MS SQL server.  A particular view returns almost 800 records.
If I do nothing to the table I can skip thru all records and display the information I want.
If I try to index the table, it will only go thru the first 665 records then stop.  I onened the view in VFP, Indexed, and listed the records and everything is ok, but not thru Foxweb.
I checked the index fields and all data is ok. It does not matter how much info of each record I display, it always stops at the same place. I do not get any error messages. This view can be sorted several ways for reports and I did not want to create a seperate view for each report.
Any suggestions?