Date:  11/10/2006 07:48:28 AM Msg ID:  003208
From:  Larry Zhang Thread:  003207
Subject:  Re: Tell me more About FoxPro
We usually refer to FoxPro as an earlier version running under the DOS envirenment. If you want to use Windows screen and more powerful features of FoxPro, you should use Visual FoxPro. The latest version is 9.
Grab a book or search the folder --" Solution" for examples if you have VFP installed on your PC.
Also ask questions online at sites like this:
Also see this:
Sent by Aria Tri Peryoga Mulyana on 11/09/2006 08:31:43 PM:
I'm new knowing about fox pro because i want to work in the office that wearing foxpro. I want to know how easy to make a program with fox pro. And I want somebody can give an tutorial how to made a program wearing foxpro.