Date:  11/21/2006 12:14:45 PM Msg ID:  003222
From:  Low Vato Thread:  003216
Subject:  Re: CGI application misbehaved
We have our own error handler that dumps the errors for us. It is in our code, it's just that when we get such and error (or others I think) FoxWeb seems to get totally unusable. By "variable mismatch error" I just mean the standard foxpro error, just a type mismatch, I think other fatal errors do it as well. Stopping foxweb and then restarting the web service does not seem to help.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/17/2006 05:28:05 PM:
What exactly do you mean by "variable mismatch error"?  Is this error generated by one of your scripts?  Is it logged in the FoxWeb error log, the Windows Event Log, fwstart.log, or do you see it in your browser after you make a request?
Also, can you reproduce the error? Please send us screen-shots via email.

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Sent by Low Vato on 11/16/2006 09:43:28 AM:
Thanks for the reply,
  • Foxweb does work until an error happens.
  • The problem seems to have happened when there was a variable mismatch error.
  • Once it happens it is constant, no url works and all of them report the same "misbehaving" error.
  • restarting foxweb does not work - I will try restarting IIS next time this happens.
  • Nothing shows up in the foxweb errror log
  • Nothing showed up in the event logs

When the problem happens it does not even seem to hit the script. We are almost exclusively using the CGI program and not the *.fwx pages - 1.x compatibility is on.

Here are my settings

hide windows off

close tables on

user runtime dll off

log script errors on

1.x comp on

restart channels on

run as service off

buffer output off

session support on

full paths in urls off

keep prg files on

reset after error on


compile is on

system info on

error log on

run vfp code on

Since we have client data in our testing environment and it takes and act of god to get outside firms access to any internal resource I cannot give you access to the website.

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/15/2006 06:03:41 PM:
I have some additional questions regarding the problem:
Does the problem start occurring as soon as you launch FoxWeb, or does it start after a while (for example, after you get a variable mismatch error)?  From your description, I assume that FoxWeb works OK for a while, before the problem starts to occur.
Once the problem starts, does it occur consistently on every request, or is it intermittent?  Does the problem go away when you restart FoxWeb?  What about if you restart IIS?  You can restart IIS by running IISRESET.EXE from Start/Run.
Do you see anything interesting in the Windows Event Log?  What about the FoxWeb Error Log, or fwstart.log?
Would it be at all possible to connect to your server for some additional troubleshooting?

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Sent by Low Vato on 11/15/2006 01:05:23 PM:

I keep getting the following error:

CGI Error

The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:
This happens for all urls, even if i just try to hit the foxweb.exe alone or the admin page. No urls work and all of them show this same message. This seems to happen after a variable mismatch error.
We are evaluating ver 3.5 for applications that have been running on 1.2. This instance is running on xp pro sp2, 2GB ram IIS 5? Last time I got it to run again I had to restart my machine.