Date:  01/04/2007 09:45:48 AM Msg ID:  003265
From:  Sami Cortas Thread:  003216
Subject:  Re: CGI application misbehaved
I just want to say thanks and sorry for not answering earlier as the  problem resolved itself the next day and it was Christmas and all.
The FWSTART log had no entries for the day we had the problem which is 12/26/2006 as you can see from the log below.
12/21/2006 15:05:05 Killed Channel 1: /nrs/Natt_a
12/21/2006 15:05:16 Restarting Channel 1
12/28/2006 17:18:14 Killed Channel 1: /rad/RU
12/28/2006 17:18:25 Restarting Channel 1
We are using Foxweb version 3.1
The Windows Server Application event log reported a couple of warning
ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0 WEB EVENT 
The Window System log is corrupted for some reason and won't open
The Window Operating system Version is Windows Server 2003 Web Edition with Service Pack I
It was either a freak failure or Microsoft had a problem (as is is strange that their alert was dated Dec 26, 2007 same day we had the problem) as Foxweb has been very stable on the three servers we are using it at the university for several years now.
Thanks and Happy New Year
Sami Cortas.
All the same thanks for the help. 
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/26/2006 12:49:32 PM:
Hi Sami,
In FoxWeb's case, the error you are reporting means that foxweb.exe exited without returning any HTTP headers to IIS, which typically indicates that foxweb.exe threw an exception.  Please check the Windows Event Log, fwstart.log and the FoxWeb Error Log for any entries that correspond to the times of the reported incidents.
We will also need the version of FoxWeb you are running, as well as version info for your operating system and the updates that triggered the problem.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/20/2006 03:07:17 AM:
We have a foxweb scheduling application that has been running for almost two years with no problem.
Yesterday our Sys Admin applied some Microsoft updates to the server, and this morning the users started reporting the CGI application misbehaved error. The error is intermittent and random. Restarting foxweb did not eliminate it.
A web search revealed the following alert from microsoft. Please see URL for more details.
We are investigating issue further and our sys admin may roll back the update if we cannot find a fix.