Date:  01/10/2007 12:09:04 AM Msg ID:  003271
From:  Joe Goldsmith Thread:  003260
Subject:  Re: file is already open by another user
No takers on the problem?
Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 12/23/2006 06:17:19 PM:
Hi all. Every once in a while I find an error in the FoxWeb error log that a file is already open by another user. I can't understnd why this is so. The project's options under the data tab is
unchecked for Open exclusive
Automatic file locking is unchecked
multiple record locks is checked
Buffering is record optimistic
reprocessing is set to Attempt lock
All data fetches, updates, and adds are done through SQL commands.  Most Select statements use one or more QueryString parameters.
The most recent error where the file is already open by another is a Select to our inventory table using the Full-Text Search Engine. Would anyone have an idea show this occured and perhaps how to eliminate it?