Date:  01/26/2007 04:29:57 PM Msg ID:  003277
From:  Stephen Ames Thread:  003277
Subject:  Get fwx data from ASP file.
I need to display on a ASP page information that is linked to the user ID that they give in the URL.
i.e. ID=1234
As there are several hundred different user ids I have the information for each in a dbf file.
I need to run a script that sends the id to a fwx file that returns the data to be displayed
in the ASP file. It has to be an ASP file unfortunately. No problems with fwx.
I saw something on this forum recently that referrred to "Ajax" but that looked super complicated
when I feel this should be fairly straight forward. I cannot seem to fathom it out though.
Any ideas - I hope I have explained this correctly.