Date:  02/06/2007 01:37:29 PM Msg ID:  003301
From:  Thread:  003295
Subject:  Re: To Display Foxpro Table Content
Wait a sec, I found the meta is defined somewhere in our own program. Before taking too much of your time, please stop the investigation on your end. Let me look into our program first.
Thank you for your time.
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I don't quite get your question about META tag. Since our version is 1.x, the
is not available for us.
We use this technique across the application.
It acts just like scan/endscan. Maybe it is from the library we are using, foxtools.fll?
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What is the META tag in your code?  FoxWeb scripts don't use these tags.  The HTML code below will not automatically display the content of a table.  Are you sure this is a FoxWeb script? 
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The version is Foxweb 1.29c. 
To display a Foxpro table content, I used the following code on a HTML file:
The problem is only the first 1000 records in MYTABLE.dbf can be displayed. I do not know where I can change the setting of 1000 or is it something that cannot be changed.
Thank you.