Date:  02/28/2007 12:37:40 AM Msg ID:  003327
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  003327
Subject:  disappearing channels, no restart
I am running foxweb 3.51 on a 2003 Ent server. Everyday I have disappearing channels. Showchan.fwx displays the other channels with various channels missing. The only way to get them back is to stop/restart the service. There are no errors in any of the foxweb logs nor the windows event handler.
I set up servers alive to monitor and restart the service when the channels start disappearing, but... for some reason, the restart only takes the first couple of times, then SA cannot issue a restart. Again, no errors or events in any of the logs.
Why can SA restart the service a couple of times and then never again until a reboot?  And why don't the killed channels restart automatically? This bug has become crippling as I cannot be away from the server for extended periods of time in case too many of the channels disappear....
Thanks in advance for any assistance.