Date:  02/28/2007 11:04:09 PM Msg ID:  003333
From:  Steve Moore Thread:  003327
Subject:  Re: disappearing channels, no restart
Why do my channels show timed_out when there are no commands running them? this is immediately after a retsart. The windows are open, there are no scripts running (other than show_channels2).
 FoxWeb Channel Process Status (Controller)

03/01/2007 01:00:39 AM
ChannelStatusLast Script TimeLast Script
1 Busy* 03/01/2007 01:00:39 AM (Current Request)
2 Busy 03/01/2007 12:59:38 AM /fwadmin.fwx
3 Timed Out 03/01/2007 12:53:35 AM /_ACTIVITY.blp
4 Timed Out 03/01/2007 12:53:37 AM /_hitsver4.blp
5 Timed Out  
Why do my channels show timed_out when there are no commands running them... this is immediately after a restart.
BTW, even tho the channels show as timed out they still run fine if I call scripts.
Sent by Steve Moore on 02/28/2007 10:47:20 PM:
With regards to the illegal commands, I will do as suggested an leave the fox windows open to look for a hanging script... however, the code running has been running for almost 10 years and never caused this problem until I upgraded to ver 3.1 of foxweb...
Still... I will re-check this... but if a channel has reported as re-started in the foxstart log, will the fox window still be open?
As for running the script, there are thousands of successfull calls to the script every day... There are too many permutations to just 'run' the script. I have looked in the IIS logs for calls around the time of hang, and they all run fine when I call them. I am unable to duplicate the call that kills the channels. 
Thanks... will get back once the channels have died again with the service disabled and the windows visible. 
Sent by Steve Moore on 02/28/2007 10:41:10 PM:
The Foxweb serverstart log indicates the channels are being killed and restarted.... only they never come matter how long I wait... As I write this, 4 out of five channels have been killed in the last three hours, all show killedand restarted in the log but have not re-appeared...
I will re-read the docs mentionewd below... 
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/28/2007 03:14:41 PM:
The information below does not necessarily indicate a permanent channel problem.  The channel status results from 9:35 indicate that two channels have timed out, but this does not mean that they won't be restarted.
Normally, channels that are timed out are supposed to be restarted within 5 seconds from timing out.  However, this will only occur if you have enabled the Restart Channels option.
Of course the fact that your channels are timing out is a problem that needs to be resolved.  This particular issue and steps to identify the cause are explained in the Common Problems topic of the FoxWeb documentation, under the heading "Hanging channels, or channels that get restarted often."
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Steve Moore on 02/28/2007 07:35:58 AM:
5 channels, 5 vfp.exe's no dw15,20 or dwwins in task manager


System Information

FoxWeb Version  3.51 
Total Channels 
FoxWeb Path  *****\foxweb\ 
Virtual Program Root  ****
Main Program Root  ****
Program Path  ****
Operating System  Windows NT 5.02 
Web server  Microsoft-IIS/6.0 
Date/Time  02/28/2007 09:32:32 AM 
VFP Version  Visual FoxPro for Windows  
VFP Compile Version 
VFP Temporary Path  *****
Buffer Memory Size  279.5 MB 
License Flags  Servers: 2 

Virtual Roots  *** 



030-00457  Company: HITS Servers: 1 
030-00458  Company: HITS Servers: 1 
02/28/07 09:33:46
ChannelServerStatusConnectionsLast Script TimeLast Script
2 Local Busy 1 02/28/07 09:32:24 /_hitsver4.blp
3 Local Waiting 0 02/28/07 09:33:29 /_hitsver4.blp
4 Local Waiting 0 02/28/07 09:28:04 /fwadmin.fwx
5 Local Waiting 0    
0 Pending Requests
FoxWeb Channel Process Status (Controller)

02/28/2007 09:35:04 AM
ChannelStatusLast Script TimeLast Script
1 Timed Out 02/28/2007 09:19:35 AM  
2 Busy 02/28/2007 09:32:24 AM /_hitsver4.blp
3 Busy* 02/28/2007 09:35:04 AM (Current Request)
4 Timed Out 02/28/2007 09:28:04 AM /fwadmin.fwx
5 Timed Out    
Sent by Steve Moore on 02/28/2007 06:47:14 AM:
PS: I revisited my older posts on this topic... I solved the problems with the fwadmin and script compiling... as soon as the problem occurrs again I will post the results... an aside... 2003 runs dwwin not dw15 or dw20... I have disabled error reporting for programs (I think this may prevent dwwin from running). Perhaps this will help if the killed channels were somehow causing dw to hang during the data dump or something...
We'll see...
Thanks again... will post again as soon as I have more data 
Sent by Steve Moore on 02/28/2007 12:37:40 AM:
I am running foxweb 3.51 on a 2003 Ent server. Everyday I have disappearing channels. Showchan.fwx displays the other channels with various channels missing. The only way to get them back is to stop/restart the service. There are no errors in any of the foxweb logs nor the windows event handler.
I set up servers alive to monitor and restart the service when the channels start disappearing, but... for some reason, the restart only takes the first couple of times, then SA cannot issue a restart. Again, no errors or events in any of the logs.
Why can SA restart the service a couple of times and then never again until a reboot?  And why don't the killed channels restart automatically? This bug has become crippling as I cannot be away from the server for extended periods of time in case too many of the channels disappear....
Thanks in advance for any assistance.