Date:  03/06/2007 09:35:43 AM Msg ID:  003345
From:  Don Olsen Thread:  003345
Subject:  Script Mapped Program Root not working
Hi, I am running the following configuration:
  Windows 2003 Standard
  IIS 6
  FoxWeb 3.5.1
I am only able to run scripts when the "Use Web Server's Directory Mappings" is checked (.fwx files are contained within the webserver directory structure).  The virtual directory (Program Root) option is not working.  Default Program Root is set to d:\inetpub\wwwroot\forms\foxweb\
With "Use Web Server's Directory Mappings" checked I can execute the form correctly at:
With "Use Web Server's Directory Mappings" unchecked the following URL returns a 404 page not found error
Any assistance would be helpful, as I'd rather use the Program Root option.
Don Olsen