Date:  07/18/2007 10:11:27 AM Msg ID:  003460
From:  Valter herman Thread:  003458
Subject:  Re: UrlEncode in Foxweb 3.3
Thanks for the info.

Since I don't have an explicit reference (like DECLARE DLL) in the code for UrlEncode nor is there a function URLEncode in any of the application's code, is it possible that URLEncode is auto-loaded from FoxWeb.dll when FoxWeb starts?  If not, what else can explain the error-less valid return of a string from a function URLEncode in this code?

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 07/18/2007 10:06:45 AM:
The URLEncode function was replaced by Server.URLEncode in FoxWeb version 2.
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Sent by Valter herman on 07/18/2007 08:06:47 AM:
I am running FoxWeb version 3.3 and reviewing some pre-existing code from my predecessor.  There are many references to the function URLEncode even though I don't see an explicit declaration of UrlEncode from the foxweb.dll module in the code.

Am I to understand that UrlEncode is automatically declared and available in Foxweb 3.3?  Note: I'm not referring to Server.UrlEncode.  Sample code is something like: